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  • Independent 149 Hallow Winkowski Baller Trucks

    $89.99 + 13% HST

    Durable all purpose truck for any type of skateboarding. 55mm tall for optimal performance and wheel clearance with wheels 56mm and under. A356 T6 Aluminum Hanger & Baseplate The best lightweight aluminum alloy heat treated to T6 condition for strength, durability, and grind feel. SCM435 Chromoly Steel Axle Highest quality and durability available. Grade 8…

  • Thunder Electroshock Hollow Lights 149

    $94.99 + 13% HST

    The Thunder Electroshock Hollow Light Trucks keep you on the grind. These trucks feature the same Quick Turn Response as all Thunder trucks, but with forged baseplates and hollow kingpins and axles for reduced weight. Features Thunder Quick Turn Response Hollow kingpin and axle Forged baseplate Hollow kingpin Solid chromoly axle Light and strong

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