Blind 52mm Reaper Angel Reaper Wheels

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Introducing the Blind Angel Reaper Skateboard Wheels in striking Blue with a diameter of 52mm, designed for ultimate performance and style on the streets or at the skate park.

Diameter: 52mm Durometer: 99A Shape: Classic Street Graphic: Angel Reaper Solid, Smooth, Fast Pack: Set of 4 Wheels

Crafted from high-quality urethane, these Blind skateboard wheels promise a solid, smooth, and lightning-fast ride. The 52mm diameter offers a perfect balance of speed and control, making them ideal for street-style skateboarding. The 99A durometer provides just the right amount of hardness for excellent responsiveness and durability.

The classic street shape of these wheels ensures optimal grip and stability during your rides, whether you’re nailing tricks or simply cruising. The captivating Angel Reaper graphic adds a unique touch to your board, making a statement wherever you ride.

This pack includes a set of 4 wheels, offering great value for your money. Moreover, we stand by the quality of our product giving you peace of mind as you conquer the skateboarding terrain.

Elevate your skateboarding experience with Blind Angel Reaper Skateboard Wheels in Blue, and unleash your inner rider with confidence and style.