The Soul of Barrie Skateboarding Community

Souldiers Barrie was established in late 2017, at the time Barrie was said to have a dying skateboard scene. With more kids jumping on scooters every day and no shop really pushing contests it seemed like a good time to attempt to revamp the local culture. Although the store itself has only been open a few years, the management behind Souldiers Barrie has been part of the skate scene in Barrie since the early 2000s.

The same parties were responsible for local videos being produced from 2001—2008. a web series from 2008—2011, a cable access series from 2011—2012, the Barrie skateboard awards from 2011—2016 and lastly the opening of Souldiers Barrie in 2017.

We are proud to be part of the local skate scene as it continues to grow, cheers Barrie!


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Ryan Gosselin

Ryan Gosselin first showed up in Barrie around 2010. He immediately made a splash with his high energy and fearless attitude. He is willing to try anything on any obstacle. He has had dozens of injuries due to his insane … Read More

Reiley Booth

Reiley Booth is known for a variety of unique tricks, but also has the ability and drive to push through more significant obstacles. He is considered one of the best technical skaters in town on ledges and over gaps. Each … Read More

Marshall Zaborski

As one of the quietest skaters, Marshalls skating does the talking for him. He is best known for his style and a long list of unique tricks that he’s able to do consistently. Marshall has been apart of the Barrie … Read More