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  • Snot Wheels ‘Lil Boogers’ 84B 48MM

    $59.99 + 13% HST

    Snot – Lil Boogers 48MM 83B Skateboard Wheels Lil Boogers Skateboard Wheels by Snot feature pink swirl graphics and a hard-hitting 83B durometer. With a rating of 103A, these 48mm wheels will give you the grip and stability you need for tricks and big air. Set of 4 for maximum performance.

  • Spitfire F4 Lil Smokies 48mm Tablet 99DU

    $47.99 + 13% HST

    Formula Four Performance Urethane lasts longer, withstands more abuse and performs superior to all other wheels. Designed to combine all the desired properties of a performance wheel without sacrificing any one attribute at the expense of another. Manufactured using a 100% pure urethane compound, with higher rebound for faster speeds over rough and smooth surfaces…

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