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  • Bones 52mm 99a Retros Standard STF V1 Wheels

    $59.99 + 13% HST

    STF (Street Tech Formula) is for those who don’t take any compromise between slide and smooth roll. This ride shines on the streets and will rip the park any day. The V1 shape is among the most popular, it helps with flip tricks and all-around skating, while lasting extra long. The Bones STF is good…

  • Slime Balls 55mm 99a Saucers Skateboard Wheels

    $59.99 + 13% HST

    Slimeballs all new Saucers wheels feature a rounded edge for easy transition “on and off” coping and a narrow riding surface for easy sliding on high performance 99a urethane. The Santa Cruz Slime Balls Saucers have a modern rounded edge for street capability which ease the transition on and off the coping. As a result,…

  • Snot – Clear Cores, Clear/Purple, 99a 53mm

    $59.99 + 13% HST

    Roll around in style and show off your Snot Lil Boogers! These 4-pack of wheels are great for getting down and sticky with their narrow running surface, sharp graphic, and ultra-durable 99A clear purple urethane. So, rock on with these bad boys and prepare to get the attention you deserve! Category: Skate Park Performance/Dance Floor…

  • Speedlabs 60mm 99a Juggernautz Wheels

    $65.99 + 13% HST

    Speedlabs 60mm 99a Juggernautz Wheels Picking up where the Blackfartz left off, the Juggernautz are powerful wheels that will crush everything in their path. These are the best modern wheels with tried and true formulas combined with a classic profile that skateboarders all around the world desire. Contact patch – 22mm Color: Orange (Set of…

  • Spitfire 53mm 99a f4 Conical full Wheels

    $64.99 + 13% HST

    Spitfire 53mm 99a f4 Conical full Wheels Formula Four Performance Urethane is unlike any other and a world renown shape which is known and loved worldwide. Formula Four wheels retained more material, coned less and kept their original shapes and sizes longer than any other wheel. Try out the Conical Full shape that features wider…

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