Welcome 8.5″ The Magician Deck

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The Magician On Big Bunyip skateboard deck from Welcome comes in an 8.5″ width and has an old-school shape, but it rides just like an 8.5″ popsicle. The bottom ply features a graphic of a nearly-nude man with faces for knees and slowly losing his appendages.

The Magician On Big Bunyip 8.5″ Skateboard Deck by Welcome Skateboards.
7-ply maple construction.
Medium concave.
Shaped board with an elongated round nose and square tail.
Big Bunyip shape rides like an 8.5″ popsicle.
Width: 8.5″.
Length: 32.25″.
Wheelbase: 14.5″.
Recommended Truck Size: 149mm or 159mm.