Pig Head C-line 53mm 101a Purple/Yellow Swirl Wheels

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Pig Head C-line 53mm 101a Purple/Yellow Swirl Wheels
Pig Head C Line wheels stand out with their awesome conical shape and a funky purple & yellow swirl. Being in business for almost 30 years, Pig urethane delivers performance, durability, and speed!
These Pig wheels are great for most terrains and skating styles. Awesome slip/grip balance, great speed retention, flatspot resistance, and of course, secure lock-in thanks to the conical shape.
Pig wheels might be too much pork for just one fork. Get your set of Pig wheels and start skateboarding on Pigs today! Do you smell bacon burning? Your friends will.
These brand new Pig wheels are high-quality and made to last. They measure 101a in hardness, and will provide a smooth ride on the street or at the park. Pig Wheels Head Natural Skateboard Wheels