Slime Balls 53mm 95a Double Take Cafe Vomit Mini Green/Black Wheels

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These yellow & black Santa Cruz Slime Balls Double Take Mini Vomits rock the same amazing Vomit 95a urethane, wrapped in a nice wide shape with an aggressive lip!

These Slime Balls Mini Vomits are a classic reissue of the original. Rocking these punk colors, a great shape, and a true high performance that you would expect from this wheel. Perfect for all around use and will dominate bowls or street. Made for catching some sick air. Charging in with a wide contact patch, these bad boys will maintain your roll speed.

The Slime Balls Double Take Cafe Mini Vomits wheels are a perfect addition to set up on a street operations board, while 95a urethane absorbs a significant amount of road vibrations. These yellow & black Slime Balls Cafe Mini Vomits are perfect for a serious bowl and a half pipe action.

Diameter: 53mm
Durometer: 95a
Width: 34mm
Contact Patch: 19.5mm
Retro asymmetrical shape