Slime Balls 53mm 99a Greetings Speed Balls Purple/Black Wheels

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These Santa Cruz Slime Balls Greetings Speed Balls carry on the legacy of an iconic wheel that more skaters than you can count religiously rode through out the ’80s!

Bold graphic, great shape, and true high performance that you would expect from this wheel. Also, these wheels are made for catching some sick air. Charging in with a wide contact patch, these bad boys will maintain your roll speed.

The Santa Cruz Slime Balls Greetings Speed Balls purple and black wheels are a perfect addition to set up on a street operations board, while the 99a urethane keeps the speed going and slides like butter.

Diameter: 53mm
Durometer: 99a
Width: 31.26mm
Contact Patch: 15.75mm
Stone ground finish
Conical edge for maximum control
Based on a heritage model